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The Juul USB Charger is a substitution charger for the Juul Battery. Take your charger wherever you take your Juul, and never be in the red. The Juul Charger is little, with a sleek design.

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The JUUL USB Charger is a replacement charger for the JUUL Battery. Take your charger everywhere you take your Juul, and never be in the red. Buy Online JUUL USB Charger from Lontech Vape Shop UK for Same Day Dispatch

The Juul Charger is small, with a sleek design. It has no messy cables and can be plugged into your Mac, PC, or any USB port.

To power up, plug your charger into a USB port, place your JUUL on the magnetic charger and wait an hour to fully charge

How to use Juul Charger?

How to use a Juul USB charging device? it is very easy to use Juul charger. Use a USB wall charger, laptop, or portable battery to plug the JUUL charger into.

Please note the charger is on a flat surface so your Juul device doesn't fall off of it while it's charging. You can use any device that has a USB drive to charge your Juul device.

How long does a JUUL Device's battery last?

As indicated by Juul, each full charge of a Juul keeps going probably up to one Juulpod endures, about 200 puffs.

Can you overcharge a Juul?

The battery takes about an hour to completely charge on the attractive charger that accompanies the gadget and afterward it's all set.

How can I make my Juul battery last longer?

The battery lasts longer if it maintains a consistent charge.

How To Improve JUUL Battery Life?

Officially, the JUUL is not designed to be a powerhouse with respect to battery life and size.

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