Cheap VUSE Pods

Lontech is proud to offer the cheapest Vype pods or Vuse Pods which have been designed for use with the Vype / Vuse Pod Kit only. These 1.90ml pre-filled pods contain salt nicotine, giving a smoother throat hit than standard nicotine salts blends, PG is less viscous than VG, so high-PG eLiquids soak into the wick in your atomiser quicker than high-VG eLiquids, which are available online for next working day delivery or in our London UK store.

A full range of Vuse Pods like Golden Tobacco (tobacco quality flavours), Chilled Mint, Vanilla Medley, Berry, Tropical Mango, Strawberry and many more can be purchased from our online shop.

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Buy Cheap VUSE Pods

  1. Vuse Vype Cucumber Mix Nic Salts e-Liquid pod

    VUSE Cucumber Mix Pods

  2. Vuse Tequila Sunrise Nic Salts e-Liquid pod

    VUSE Tequila Sunrise Pods

  3. Vuse Creamy Mint Nic Salts e-Liquid pod

    VUSE Creamy Mint Pods

  4. Vuse Garden Strawberry Nic Salts e-Liquid pod

    VUSE Garden Strawberry Pods

  5. Vuse Vype Vanilla Medley Nic Salts e-Liquid pod

    VUSE Vanilla Medley Pods

  6. VUSE Peppermint Tobacco Pods

    VUSE Peppermint Tobacco Pods

  7. VUSE Golden Tobacco Pods

    VUSE Golden Tobacco Pods

    As low as £6.99
  8. Vuse Very Berry Nic Salts e-Liquid pod

    VUSE Very Berry Pods

  9. Vuse Chilled Mint flavour

    VUSE Chilled Mint Pods

    As low as £6.99
  10. Tropical Mango Vype Epod

    VUSE Tropical Mango Pods


Vuse Near Me

Vuse Near Me, Lontech Vape Shop stocks the Vuse pod system and Vuse ePod which are available online for next day delivery or in our London UK store. Lontech Vape Shop is the exceptional go-to online vape store for all your vaping needs, no matter your price range or your level of vaping experience.    


Vuse Starter Kit

When it comes to pod devices, the Vuse ePod Starter Kit is as discreet and quiet as they come. Puff-activated and with a long-lasting battery, this sleek pod kit delivers maximum flavour with minimum fuss because at Vuse products the quality of your vaping best experience matters.


Buy Vuse Kit Online

Is smoking or vaping better for you?

Vaping Is Less Harmful Than Smoking. E-cigarettes warm nicotine (extracted from tobacco), flavourings and different chemical compounds to create an aerosol that you inhale. Regular tobacco cigarettes comprise 7,000 chemicals, many of which are toxic.


Why Choose Vuse?

Vuse vapour at electric tobacconist USA. Vuse is a trusted, top-quality brand of e-cigarettes that has many years of experience in equipment manufacturing and has allowed vibrant product lines designed to fulfil consumer needs as well as provide competition benefits by offering more options at fairer prices.  


What's the difference between Vuse and Vuse 2?

Faster Charging: It is ready to go with an 80% charge in 35 minutes when an appropriate charging input is used (5V at 0.5A). The device has been tested to IPX4 standard, meaning it's splashproof.


Vuse ePod Cartridges

The Vuse ePod is a compact, hassle-free vape with a no-spill cartridge design for ease. The nic salt pods are replaceable cartridges containing nicotine salt based e-liquid in various nicotine strengths 6mg, 12 and 18mg which is known for faster nicotine absorption and a smoother vape.


Each full cartridge charged with approximately 2ml of nicotine salt liquid should give you about 275 puffs (based on Vuse testing), but it may vary depending on your own personal vaping behaviour.

Vuse Tropical Mango Prefilled Pods

The burst of flavours from the succulent mangoes is effective and produces a fantastic scent that will give you summertime sensations, throughout the day. On the off hazard that you're looking for rich and vibrant vaping knowledge, at that point, Tropical Mango is the e-fluid for you.


Vuse Chilled Mint Prefilled Pods

It offers a cool taste and aromatic smell, guaranteeing that you feel crisp for the duration of the day. Chilled Mint is the ideal e-liquid for vapers who love an infusion of freshness in their day and is brilliantly supplemented by means of the other attractive flavours in Vype's liquid range.  


Vuse Very Berry Prefilled Pods

Very Berry makes for the best throughout the day vape and is ideal for individuals who want to give their e-cigarette a fruity infusion.


Vuse Golden Tobacco Prefilled Pods

This prosperous and robust Golden Tobacco e-liquid is contained in a disposable cartridge for use with the Vuse ePod two and contains a generous 18mg of nicotine to help maintain the irritation of cravings at bay. 


VUSE Peppermint Tobacco Prefilled Pods

Introducing the ePod Peppermint Tobacco e-Liquid pods, made with nicotine salts for the finest vaping experience.  


Vuse Vype Vanilla Medley Prefilled Pods

Introducing the ePod Vanilla Medley e-Liquid pods, made with nicotine salts for an optimal vaping experience. 


Vuse Garden Strawberry Prefilled Pods

Original Strawberry is a mix of strawberry and green fruit notes.


Vuse Creamy Mint Prefilled Pods

Creamy mint ePods relish your taste buds with menthol flavour. With burnt sugar and soft mint flavour, you will love it forever.


Vuse Tequila Sunrise Prefilled Pods

Tequila cocktail flavour with hints of orange and red pomegranate specially designed for ePod. 


Vuse Vype Cucumber Mix Prefilled Pods

A fresh cucumber vape with tequila and cranberry flavours.


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