RELX Blueberry Splash Pods | Blue Gems

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Brands: Relx Pods
  • 2pcs Relx Blueberry Splash Pods | Blue Gems
  • 2pcs 18mg nicotine strength
  • 500 puffs of each pod
  • Same Day Dispatch

RELX Blueberry Splash Pods

Introducing the tantalizing RELX Blueberry Splash Pods, a true gem for all vape enthusiasts. Crafted with precision, offers an unrivalled experience that will leave you craving for more.


Buy Relx Blueberry Splash Pods Blue Gems


Each pack contains two mesmerizing Blue Gems, packed with the goodness of juicy blueberries. With a nicotine strength of 18mg, these refills strike the perfect balance between flavour and satisfaction.

Unlock a world of pleasure with every puff as you savour over 500 delightful draws from each pod. Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day or simply enjoy a moment of indulgence, RELX Blueberry Splash is your ultimate companion.

Apart is not just their heavenly flavour but also their convenience. With Same Day Dispatch, you can have these gems in your hands in no time, ensuring that you never have to wait for the exquisite pleasure they offer.

So why wait? Dive into a world of pure vaping bliss with RELX Blueberry Splash Pods and experience a taste that will leave you enchanted.

RELX Blue Gems Pods

RELX Pod Forest Berries are designed for both the Relx Infinity Device and Relx Essential kit Device. The RELX Essential Infinity Pre-filled Cotton Coil Pods use cotton and wire to create a smooth flavour. These refills ensure optimal flavour and vapor production with their ceramic maze coil design. The RELX Infinity pods feature latest FEELM ceramic maze coils for great flavour and vapor production.

Simply insert a new e-liquid pod and enjoy exciting flavours like Blueberry Splash, which combines fresh blueberries with a minty exhale. The coil features an 11 layer structure heating element to prevent internal leaks and condensation for the most optimal flavor and vapor production.

RELX Blue Gems Pre-filled. Blueberry, soda and menthol flavoured are compatible with the Essential device.


A wide range of flavours in fruits, tobacco and menthol for as little as £5.99, and contain an 18mg nicotine salt blend, offering a satisfying throat hit and quick absorption of nicotine.

Pods are now widely available in an array of flavours, including fruits, tobacco, and menthol. Purchased for as little as £5.99 and contains a nicotine salt blend of 18mg that offers a quick absorption of nicotine and a satisfying throat hit.

The convenience of them makes them an ideal alternative for smokers who want to quit or reduce their consumption but do not want to give up the sensation provided by traditional cigarettes.

It is recommended to use them in moderation and only as an aid in quitting smoking altogether. Additionally, it is crucial to purchase pods from reputable brands that follow safety guidelines and provide quality products.


What flavour are RELX Blueberry Splash Pods?

Experience the invigorating explosion of delicious blueberry flavour with RELX Blueberry Splash Pods. Each inhalation brings you the sensation of biting into a succulent, fully ripened blueberry. Whether you prefer fruity flavours or want an exciting new experience, these pods will exceed your expectations.


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