Coilart Pre-Built Coils 0.30

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Coilart Pre-Built Coils 0.30 Kernel 28x32x22ga wrapped 0.1*0.9 flat

Coilart Pre Built Coils 0.30

Kernel 28x32x22ga wrapped 0.1*0.9 flat

Package of Coilart Pre-Built Coils 0.30

Coilart Pre-Built Coils 0.30 supplied in 10 pcs.

The CoilART Pre-Build Coil comes with a wide range of powerful performance coil designs that are now available in pre-made set of different wires, featuring distinctive heating elements in different sizes and different configurations.

Pre built coils are available online for same working day dispatch for next day delivery (Monday to Saturday delivery) or can be picked in our London UK store. Check delivery information


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