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Do you love nicotine but hate the feeling of nicotine withdrawal? Worry no more! You can now vape nicotine with the nic salt or nicotine salt pods without any of the unpleasant side effects. JUUL UK is the leading manufacturer of nicotine salt or nic salt pod vaping devices, and we offer the widest selection of nicotine salt or nic salt pod vaping devices in the UK.

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Juul is an electronic cigarette/e-cigarette, Juul device comes with a USB charging dock and four JUULpods pre-filled in 18mg /ml nicotine strength (Golden Tobacco, Mint, Menthol, and Mango) and comes with a two year limited device warranty. Warning this product contains nicotine.

Browse our selection of Juul kits and starter kits and choose the device that's perfect for you. All of our nicotine pods are genuine so you can make a purchase in full confidence that these are indeed the real deal! Plus, start vaping at our ridiculously cheap Juul pods prices starting from just £10.99 with Next Day UK Juul Delivery starting from £2.99, Juul labs Same Day Dispatch & The Biggest Juice Discounts.

Juul Pod

Buy Juul pod, you can order Juul cartridges today from our website where to find the best Juul price UK online or you can collect them from our JUUL store London. Get JUUL delivered to your door in just one hour, door delivery within 3 miles from our JUUL shop.

Each pod contains enough liquid for roughly 200 puffs, depending on draw length. Juul pods were updated in June 2019 to offer a more consistent and reliable pod system.

Berry - A refreshingly fruity berry flavour. Well suited to vapers who want to steer clear of tobacco.

Mint - A bold and minty flavour, finished off with a cooling sensation on the exhale. Perfect for menthol lovers.

Golden Tobacco - A traditional tobacco flavour. A smooth blend of tobacco leaves combines to create the ideal substitute for cigarettes.

Mango - Juicy and ripe mango with hints of tropical fruit provide a good combination for vapers who prefer their vape a little fruitier.

Menthol - A big and bold menthol flavour with an ice cold finish.

Rich Tobacco - Deep, rich, and earthy tobacco flavour.

Juul Kits & Starter Kit

Juul Kits & Juul Starter Kit are the perfect way to start using the Juul device. These kits come with the device and some juice, so there's no need to worry about buying extra supplies. Plus, you'll get instructions on how to use the product properly ease of use - making it easier than ever to quit smoking cigarettes. If you're looking to try Juul and have some questions, be sure to buy a starter kit. These kits provide everything you need to start vaping, and you won't regret it!

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Buy Juulpods from the official JUUL store online. Discover the uniquely satisfying Juul e liquid with a full range of flavoured pods and receive a uniquely satisfying vape experience it is for adult smokers only. A product a great choice for those who are often on the go.

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