Cheap London Urban Series E-Liquid

Cheap London Urban Series E-Liquid Online in London, UK, and experience the authentic urban taste of London with our complex earthly range of urban city flavours - complex in nature complex in taste - Complexity at its best!! - Each flavour has been carefully handcrafted to produce authentic tasting flavours reminiscent of famous London landmarks and famous places - from Bank Square's tribacean under the fresh minted Euston underpass to the Borough of dry sub-urbia giving something for everyone.

London Urban Series

The London Urban Series provides full satisfaction in terms of a nicotine hit, vapour and smoothness on the throat. Some flavours are subtle with undernotes of tobacco, vanilla and caramel features, whilst others are fully vibrant with rich top notes of mint and spice. Produced without alcohol so they can be used as an all day vape, each flavour is uniquely made to meet the requirements of smokers who wish to give up smoking as well as seasoned vapers who want an authentic tobacco experience.

Cheap London Urban Series E-Liquid is currently available in 3 nicotine concentrations : 0,3, 6,and 12mg/ml.

London Urban Series E-Liquid Store

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