Bubblemon Disposable Vape

The RELX Bubblemon Disposable vape collaboration has arrived! This range of deliciously fruity disposable vapes offers something for everyone, with a variety of bubblemon-inspired flavours to choose from. Whether you're in the mood for a grape bubblemon vape or a strawberry bubblemon vape, this range has got you covered. Plus, with a simple disposable design that makes vaping on the go easy and convenient, RELX Bubblemon vapes are perfect for when you don't have time to spare. So what are you waiting for? Order your Relx Bubblemon disposable vapes today!

Relx Bubblemon Disposable flavours

Relx Bubblemon Disposable is now available in a variety of flavours! Choose from mango, jungle fruit, strawberry, and watermelon to give your bubblemon a unique taste. These bubblemon disposable are perfect for on-the-go and are also environmentally-friendly since they don't require any packaging.

The vape is pre-filled with 2ml of e-liquid with 500 - 600 puffs per device, and with 19 mg/ml salt nicotine which is more than 200 cigarettes. So whether you're looking for an affordable and convenient disposable vape pen or just want to quit smoking altogether, the Relx Bubblemon Disposable is a great option. We Stock Nasty JuiceElf BarElux MiniGeek Bar, Waka Mini and Frumist disposables check our selection.

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