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Every computer and laptop requires regular maintenance to help prevent system crashes and keep it running at its best of it's ability.

Is your PC running slow or stuttering? Is it getting noisier? Computer systems can become clogged due to the constant installation of programs, internet browsing and general day to day use. The manner in which computers work, it is always a side effect that they will stop performing with the same speed and performance it did when it was new.

Lontech PC Laptop Computer Health Check will help to keep computer running at optimum level. It is recommended to have a health check service once a year to ensure your computer is running as cleanly as it should be.

The health check service includes

  • Remove Adware, Spyware and Viruses
  • Repair Windows File Structure
  • Update Computer Internet Security
  • Remove Windows Temporary files
  • Remove Internet Cashed files and Cookies
  • Remove Un-wanted programs
  • Clean up Windows Registry errors
  • Defragment Hard Drives to improve file access speed
  • Upgrade Operating System
  • Optimise Windows Start up Environment
  • Clean Temporary and Internet Folders
  • Clean all fans and heatsinks to reduce heat
  • Hardware test - components are performing properly
  • Advice on any upgrades