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There could be quite a few problems with laptop LCD screens. Some problems can be fixed while others would require a laptop LCD screen replacement. It is significant to make a diagnosis of the problem you experience before taking a decision as to fix or replace your laptop screen.

Common Laptop Screen Problems We Can Fix

  • Laptop display is dim during or after startup or boot
  • Continuous flickering of the screen
  • Backlight and inverter problems
  • Distorted, scrambled or garbled video
  • Black or blank screen
  • No video issues
  • Fuzzy text, blurry or stretched images
  • Brightness, contrast, or geometrical problems
  • Horizontal or vertical lines
  • Bright or dead pixels (pixel defects)
  • Screen, icon, or font size too small or too big
  • Bright or black small dot
  • Lines appear or incorrect colours
  • Vertical lines in the display
  • Solid horizontal green line
  • Resolution too low
  • Blotches and white spots
  • Cracked liquid crystal display (LCD)
  • Broken LCD panel
  • Splotched sections
  • Black splotch with white sections
  • Diagonal or jagged lines
  • Black splotches cutting through screen (bleeding or leaking LCD)
  • Black and white splotches with white lines
  • LCD around edges is discoloured (liquid spill into the LCD)